Happy Customers

Happy Customers

We appreciate any and all feed back at Starboard Choice Marine. We want to hear from you, whether we are doing our job in a timely and efficient manner, or if there are areas in which we could improve on! The only way we will get better is by your feedback and suggestions, along with our dedication to serving all your boating needs! Here are some of the comments we have received from our loyal customer base!

"The week before the open house boat show I purchased a new Tahoe Pontoon. I pressed them to bring it to me that week. Andy and his crew spent hours rigging my boat so I could have it by the weekend. You can't get much better service than that. I am glad I decided to make my purchase with a Family owned business and I regret not finding you guys faster. Don't make the mistake and go elsewhere these guys will take care of you from Sales to Service. THANKS GUYS!! - Jeremiah Kinney

"Just wanted to express how much I appreciate everything that your company does. Just bought a new Evinrude G2 and it lived up to my expectations and then some. Anyone interested in repowering your boat, you can't go wrong with the new Evinrude engines and the experience of getting it at Starboard Choice Marine will be a great experience." - Chris Braden

"We picked up our 2017 Tahoe yesterday and could not have gotten a better experience. First class service from start to finish from Starboard Choice Marine!" - Nick Gessinger

"Starboard Choice Marine gets 5 stars from me! Everyone that I spoke with ~ Shannon, Mark, Steve and Andy were extremely professional and courteous. They answered all my questions and delivered the boat as promised. So happy that I found Starboard Choice." - Ann Kesmodel

"Just had my boat repowered with a Mercury 115 and they did an incredible job! Steve and Andy are great and would highly recommend them! - Tim Gondeck

"We were 1000's of miles from South Dakota and the staff here took great care of our failed trailer bearing so we could head to Lake Erie! Great job guys!" - Brandon L.

"They were so accommodating and helped us with our boat when on vacation. They fixed our problem and it was super cheap. I would DEFINATLEY use them again." - Shelly B.

"These guys are great. Reasonable charges for whatever you need done to a boat. I used to bring mine down when I lived in Niles." - Dave M.

"Great people at the Starboard Choice Marina and they do really good work if you need something fixed." - Laura F.

"I've enjoyed their friendship and their workmanship over the last 10 yrs. Great Price. Quality workmanship. Good friends, couldn't be better!" - Alan

"Good quality workmanship. Good people. Glad to to business with them." - Mike M.

"These guys do good work. Always helpful." - Mike W.

"I have fished my entire life (64 yrs. old). My brother has also fished his whole life (73 years old). Between the two fo use, we have owned many brands of boats, and rented a number of brands during our fishing trips to Canada each year. This year I had an accident with my 16 foot Lund and decided to purchase a MirroCraft instead of repairing the Lund. Andy (owner) assured me that a MirroCraft was more stable than any Lund, and it was the brand many of the hunters use in Canada to remove the moose and bear from the brush. I was skeptical of his claim, but after doing a little research, I told Andy if the 16 ft. MirroCraft would fit on my existing trailer, I would buy it. After a few days he assured me the boat would fit my trailer and he could have it delivered in a week to ten days. I have fished with the MirroCraft for a number of months now, and I am amazed at the difference between it and the Lund. The MirroCraft is bigger (wider) thant he Lund by about 4 inches, but it is actually faster than the Lund because of the little water it draws when at full speed. The MirroCraft is also better when using the trolling motor, because of the "small water" draw. Lunds' are "stern heavy" when the are sitting in the water, the bow of the boat is elevated slightly. Because of this, when using a trolling motor with the Lund, the motor must first get the boat on plane before actually moving the boat. The MirroCraft is basically on plane at all times, so the trolling motor moves the boat almost instantly. Finally, because of the width, the MirroCraft is extremely stable. I actually built a platform between the front storage compartment and the forward storage compartment and the forward most seat to act as a casting platform. I can either stand, or use a chair to cast from this platform. In addition, the space under the platform gives me a huge amount of extra storage. My brother owns a 14 foot lund, but we both agree that the MirroCraft is a superior fishing boat to our Lund's, and all other boats we have owned!" - Tom B.

"My wife and I thank you so much for a beautiful boat. A big WOW factor from people on a lake with way overpriced boats. You folks made us feel like valued customers. You sold us exactly what we wanted. Also tanks to Tahoe. I did not think you could be cool driving a pontoon boat. But you all pulled it off! Thanks Again!" - Brian E.

"Fantastic skilled & trustworthy service & wonderful guys to work with." - Jan W.

"What a great buying experience, everyone there is a class act, very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend giving Starboard Choice Marine a visit. Thank you." - David M.

"We are pleased with our new Suzuki motor and the buying experience at Starboard Choice Marine. They really know the products and excel at explaining features and helping the customer make an informed decision. The review of the motor manual and operation was also helpful. We consider their service to be superior." - Rick S.

"We want to express our thanks for your personable and kind attention to our many questions and for the opportunity you provided to take us on a test ride. Steve and Andy are a pleasure to know and are very considerate. We look forward to enjoying our recently purchased new boat from your marina and utilizing your professional services whenever necessary. Thank you very much." - Eleanor & John R.