Sea Legs

Sea Legs

Give Your Boat a Lift!

20 years ago, Sea-Legs system revolutionized the pontoon/lift industry, Sea-Legs ‘The Pontoon Lift That Goes Where You Go’ permanently attaches to the under deck of your pontoon. Join over 12,000 happy pontoon owners that enjoy the easy-go, easy-park freedom of Sea-Legs. Simply pull up to your dock, neighbor’s dock, sand bar, beach, restaurant, or your favorite fishing spot, hit the button on your smart phone Sea-Legs App or optional wireless controller and raise your pontoon on its Sea-Legs. Eliminate your heavy, bulky conventional lift systems and the struggle of pulling it in and out every season. Now your pontoon will remain stationary: no drifting, no slamming into other boats or docks from wind or boat waves.

Made in the USA for 20 Years Strong

Sea-Legs is proud to be celebrating over 20 years of continuous growth with over 500 dealers and more than 13,000 satisfied customers.

Twin Tube System

The Sea-Legs Twin Tube version has two 6 ft. legs with two large pivoting foot pads for optimum surface area in all sorts of lake bottom — a larger foot print than most conventional lifts. Extended 8ft version also available. An easy one size fits all 18-30 ft. design for twin tube pontoons. The 12-volt power unit provides 2-fore and 2-aft hydraulic cylinders with 3500 psi. That’s almost 7000 lbs. of lifting power! And it runs solely off the outboard motor starting battery. For added convenience, both legs can be run independently or together to accommodate different shoreline conditions.

Twin Tube Version Specifications

  • 2 large 18”x 48” pads
  • 2 fore and 2 aft, 3500 psi rated 2”hydraulic cylinders
  • 7’ long x 4’ wide modules are bolted to cross members using a minimum of 14 bolts per module
  • Weighs approx. 350 lbs distributed evenly throughout the pontoon boat
  • Back up toggle switches located next to the hydraulic pump
  • 12 Volt single motor hydraulic power unit mounted conveniently in a storage compartment out of the elements
  • Self-Contained System, No maintenance or Winterizing needed
  • Alarm/power-saving feature; unit shuts off automatically when Legs fully retracted.
  • Twin Tube Model also available in 8’ version for deeper depths.

Triple Tube System

With the increasing popularity of triple tube pontoons, Sea-Legs has innovated and created a system to work with the third center tube. The triple tube version has 6 ft. legs with 4 large pads, and is designed with heavy gauge extruded aluminum construction to accommodate the weight difference. A built in Wave deflector and the ability to install without removing the under sheeting minimizes any drag and ensure the best performance possible. A larger single motored pump and larger cylinders provide 15,000lbs. of lifting power. Also, additional functions allow the driver side-to-side and extend-and-retract flexibility.

Triple Tube Version Specifications

  • 4 large independent 8”x 33” pads provide great surface area for large pontoons
  • Weighs approx. 650 lbs and tucks up within 7” of the pontoon deck
  • Made out of heavy duty extruded aluminum for greater lifting power
  • Larger 3” 3500 psi cylinders to accommodate heavier triple tube pontoons with larger hp motors and twin engine applications
  • Extra function of driver and passenger sides up and down to fine tune the pontoon side to side
  • Single motor power unit reduces potential issues of other multiple motored units
  • Rated at 15,000 lbs capacity for greater longevity and reliability
  • New Exclusive WiFi Smart phone app to operate your Sea-Legs
  • The performance sheathing DOES NOT NEED to be removed for most installations

The Sea-Legs Canopy

Sea-Legs Canopy Offers Even Greater Flexibility and Convenience

  • Available in 28ft Green, Black or Grey
  • Equipped with FLOE’s patented Easy-Level Leg System for effortless height and level adjustments with just a cordless drill
  • Durable lightweight fabric top is standard, nicer looking and much lighter for ease of installation
  • FLOE’s exclusive Elasta-Band Fabric attachment simplifies fabric installation and removal, is also adjustable to keep the fabric taught and nice looking
  • Vented mesh ends provide greater air flow through the canopy
  • Optional anchoring system

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