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New 2017 Suzuki DF 15 AES New 2017 Suzuki DF 15 AES
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State-of-the-Art designs make the new DF15A the most technically advanced portable outboard on the market today.  This is the world's first 15 hp outboard motor designed with Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection. The Suzuki EFI system operates Battery-Less, which is an industry first in this horse-power class. The DF15A is a smoo...
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splash-2.jpg Welcome to Starboard Choice Marine!  Our goal is to be your primary marine care provider.  We are a family-owned business, with "old school" morals.  Everything we do revolves around providing a trouble-free boating experience! splash-3.jpg

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MirroCraft Fishing Boats, for those tough to reach spots!

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Tom Beck, South Bend, IN

"I have fished my entire life (64 yrs. old).  My brother has also fished his whole life (73 years old).  Between the two of us we have owned many brands of boats, and rented a number of brands during our fishing trips to Canada each year.

This year I had an accident with my 16 foot Lund and decided to purchase a MirroCraft instead of repairing the Lund.  Andy (owner) assured me that a MirroCraft was more stable than any Lund, and it was the brand many of the hunters use in Canada to remove moose and bear from the brush.

I was skeptical of his claim, but after doing a little research, I told Andy if the 16 ft. MirroCraft would fit my existing trailer, I would but it.  After a few days he assured me the boat would fit my trailer and he could have it delivered in a week to ten days.

I have fished with the MirroCraft for a number of months now, and I am amazed at the difference between it and the Lund.  The MirroCraft is bigger (wider) than the Lund by about 4 inches, but it is actually faster than the Lund becuase of the little water it draws when at full speed.

The MirroCraft is also better when using the trolling motor, because of the "small water" draw.  Lund's are "stern heavy" when they are sitting in the water, the bow of the boat is elevated slightly.  Because of this, when using a trolling motor with the Lund, the motor must first get the boat on plane before actually moving the boat.  The MirroCraft is basically on plane at all times, so the trolling motor moves the boat almost instantly.

Finally, becuase of the width, the MirroCraft is extremely stable.  I actually built a platform between the front storage compartment and the forward most seat to act as a casting platform.  I can either stand, or use a chair to cast from this platform.  In addition, the space under the platform gives me a huge amount of extra storage.  My brother owns a 14 foot Lund, but we both agree that the MirroCraft is a superior fishing boat to our Lund's, and all the other boats we have owned!"

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